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RETIREMENT in Chiangmai for foreigners:

Pension Transfer: QROPS Guide Thailand

If you are from the UK and you are thinking of moving to Thailand or you are here already, you can take advantage of changes in pension regulations from ‘A-Day’, April 6, 2006. You can now transfer your pension offshore to a tax beneficial jurisdiction such as Guernsey or the Isle of Man with the aid of QROPS specialists. We have listed some of the major benefits of a QROPS pension transfer below:

QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) is a scheme in which you can transfer most types of UK pension offshore (e.g. Guernsey) in order to avoid buying an annuity and become tax efficient. It is designed for expats who live abroad and do not intend to return to live in the UK.

Our UK pension specialist has been in Bangkok and the owners of the company have 50 years of experience between them. Our UK Manager has been in Thailand for 13 years now and can assist all UK foreigners with pension assistance. Just email us and we will refer your email to our office.

GREAT NEWS: Thailand is slowly looking to provide much needed retirement services catering to senior citizens from developed countries all over the world. With its warm climate & diverse surroundings from forest hills and mountains in the North, to sandy beaches and islands in the South. Thailand people are warm and friendly towards foreigners and the biggest attraction is that Thailand is a safe place with citizens showing total respect to elders. Medical care plus optical and dental care as well as medical specialists are of international standard and possibly the cheapest services in the world. For instance Chiangmai has over 21 hospitals and countless Clinics open 24 hours. The low cost of living does allow good value for money if not the best value money can buy. Together with its favourable all year round climate it has to be the best destination for retirees wanting to spend their last years in absolute luxury. The Government of Thailand regards the Long stay project as a highly potential industry and several official departments have been working on this project with various non-government organizations. 

The Private Hospital Association of Thailand has been working very closely with the Department of Export Promotion on the Long-stay and Healthcare Project since 1998. The costs for other medical services in Thailand are very competitive while the quality is of international standard. The Royal Thai Government, Ministry of Commerce's Department of Export Promotion in cooperation with all parties concerned in the tourism and health service industry, have initiated the "Long-stay and Health Care Project" which will support the health care service business in resorts and hotels in Thailand. This program is for foreign senior citizens aged 50 ( note the retirement age has dropped to 50 from 55 years) and above, or anyone wanting to combine travel with healthcare. Those service providers who continuously maintain standards receive the Silver Merit Award as a symbol of quality standard- we hope to be part of this.  For example, standards for price setting will feature requirements on environment and accessibility (distance from airport, traveling time, good surrounding, scenery, clean air); type of accommodation (size of rooms, furnishing and fixtures); amenities and recreational facilities (swimming pools, games rooms, restaurants, spas, golf course); professional management (trained staff in area of language and activities); and standard of service (helpful, friendly, responsive attitude). 


ASIA CHIANGMAI REAL ESTATE OFFERING:Good opportunity to have your own a luxury holiday home in Thailand. This is not a timeshare but a house with total security in a Resort / Moo Baan (Modern Village setup) in Chiangmai, Thailand. We do not  promote shares or split costs in our Company but rather we get you a house suitable for your needs that has security, full amenities & ongoing help service, inhouse medical health support, doctors etc. You own it outright which is even a bigger plus.  And when it comes time to sell you reap the rewards of capital gain with us selling for you and on your behalf. 

Watch out for brokers who offer you high investments with limited deposit payments---- this does exist here but is not a good investment. They may offer 10% down and a share in the property with Company shares etc but these are called TIMESHARES 

WHAT OUR COMPANY CAN DO TO ASSIST YOU:1/. House in Resort / Moo Baan ( to be named )  that you can afford: either via lease or Company ownership using our own lawyers. Our contracts are safe.2/. Visa help and Travel & all paperwork using our professional Law Office. Yes we even have our own lawyer to make sure you are well protected.3/. We make sure you have phoneline & service help.4/. Assistance in opening Bank account & all bank matters even when you are in your new house. Plus we offer you 24 hour service calls to our Office.5/. All law work so you can live in the comfort of your home. We have 2 TOP Thai female lawyers in ChiangMai for all work from litigation to just conversation.6/. Emergency help including correspondence and internet help, arranging tour packages & travel anywhere etc.7/. All your [ Insurance ] needs8/. [ Kitchen ] and house decoration and even supervision of the work.9/. Have our own Professional [ building team ] with references, own trucks, scaffolding and over 28 workers.10/. Arrange hospital and medical facilities for you.We are looking at a number of options for our clients who wish to move to Thailand. We do have a nice project of 5 houses with a foreign designer and builder at the moment just for retirees. [ See houses ] We will have a development project to cater for foreigners close to Chiangmai and with all amenities like fitness centre, shops, swimming pool, massage etc within the complex to even offering tours to the foreigners. We would like to see foreigners living together in the resort. We can arrange Freight of your personal belongings from your country with pickup and clearance and also total ongoing service. Feel free to ask us any questions about this exciting new venture development.


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Check out anything about Thailand on Asia Trading Post: from Business to Visas to Companies or just General. Click on:

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