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It is a good time to buy property in Thailand but please be aware you cannot buy a house and land in your name unless you spend 40m baht.You need to take a 30 year lease out for all foreign ownership with a Thai.  Banks are lending & property prices are now dropping due to the insecurity of the present economic situation. The exchange rate is roughly around Baht 36 = US$1.

LAND AREAS: 1 rai = 4 ngarn = 400 wah2 = 1600 m2; 1 talang wah = wah2 = 4 m2; 1 acre = 2.53 rai & 1 ha = 6.25 rai.

Easy quick check service. View Chiangmai by car. Our Thai female staff can take you on a guided tour of Chiangmai's best Moo Baans, areas you may like to live in, learn good and bads aspects, show you schools & places where you would like to stay that may suit you. All English speaking guides. Starting at 1/2 day tours we will pick you up at the airport or your Hotel: Cost 750 baht 1/2 day & 1000 baht for a full day. We also arrange any sightseeing for you, business tours and pickup and deliver by car at your convenience.

To date foreigners may own

  - a unit in a registered Condominium

  - a building (as distinct from its land)

  - a registered leasehold of up to 30 years for all types of titled land (and/or buildings).

  - a company can purchase land and buildings but will be inspected and all Thai shareholders veted.

  - more than 49% of a condominium unless in Company form.

  - foreigners can own land being 49% in a company but the company must operate a business & shareholders interviewed so not that easy anymore

  - if you invest 40m baht you can buy 1 Rai of land in Thailand outright. 







We now provide an outhouse consultation at your Hotel if you require assistance with any Business ideas, housing or legal advice with our foreign consultants.  Highly recommended if coming to live in Thailand & especially ChiangMai. 

We receive our commissions off the seller or landlord and no added charges are imposed on you the buyer or renter. What we make sure is you get a professional service with no hidden costs, plus we help you with your lease agreements and oversee everything you need. You may have a Thai friend who says they can get you a better deal. Unbeknown to you they may be getting a commission or even 2 plus a scheme --can you read Thai??. Using our services we guarantee that the lease and selling documents are in order as we have our own Barrister at Law. Please do not ask us for mortgages as we cannot help unless you are married to a Thai or own a Thai Company.

WE CAN ARRANGE YOUR WORK PERMITS, PARTNERSHIPS, CONTRACTS, COMPANIES & VISAS THROUGH OUR LAW SERVICE; Title searches, House inspection reports so be safe. We are the oldest established Real Estate foreign business in Chiangmai. We also have our own lawyers. If buying off agents please

play safe and check


NOW YOU CAN EVEN POST YOUR OWN HOUSES  ON THE NEW THAILAND CLASSIFIED / AUCTION WEBSITE to buy or sell. Open to all businesses and private sales & buying advertise here. Check out the forum and law service. The website is in Thai/Eng language and its totally FREE.

The hottest Thai Classifieds in Thailand



Please do not ring us from overseas wanting loads of info about a house. What we list is what is available. It is pointless sending you info about a house as you must view the house and the area where it is. In Thailand there is NO zoning so a nice house could be beside a factory or canal that you don't like. You need to supply us with info like how close to schools you want to be, to Tesco, the airport, dept stores, where you want to live, near town etc so the more info you can send to us the easier is our job. We DO NOT show you multiple listings as again we are not a tourism service but if you know what you want and budget then we can assist you.

Thailand has so many different types of properties for sale that whatever your dream home is, you can realize it here if you do the paperwork right. Prices are a lot cheaper than Western houses but some aspects need close scrutiny especially wiring, water & most importantly the deed title. Now that you want to buy a house what should you look for? 

The first thing you need to do is obtain the services of a reputable real estate agent or lawyer on your behalf. The Thailand Realty Industry is not regulated so watch out for agents forcing you to sign contracts, & check the title deed to make sure the property is what it says. Do yourself a big favour and obtain a House Inspection report which in effect pulls the holes out of the property! Some buyers have bought the house only to find the land is on a different title & visa versa or the cracks have been disguised. Once you buy then its your problem. Many Estates will try to sell a house in a developing block which has but one title with say 10-20 houses on it. They probably have 2 mortgages and want to unload the houses before they pay off the loan & secure the titles for their owners. Or will they???--- we had a case & saved the foreign buyer 2.8m baht that he would have lost if he did not use our service. The same goes with the boundaries of the property which need to be the same as the title deed. In Thailand there's no survey pegs as such but they do use concrete pegs & it is an important point. Sometimes vendors deliberately understate property area or move so called pegs. If the  building is under construction or the land is having a subdivision look carefully at the provisions for issuing a title, and easement rights for say roadways. if you are a foreigner you can lease for 30 years or form a company to hold the house. Remember also do not start a company for the sake of securing your house. If you do not carry out business and do not have employees ( and I mean NO nominees that your law firm has provided) you will find yourself in hot water. As at 2006 march Immigration and Company Regsitration are not checking all foreign companies for employees and they will be interviewed as well as what business you are doing???? 


Sor Kor 1 This document means that land occupants are occupying or making use of certain land plots, whose ownership has not been claimed by any entity. The document does not indicate legal possession of the informer so one cannot transfer the ownership of the property to any one else. The Sor Kor 1 is rare now as the government's land ownership legislation has covered most area of the country.

Nor Sor 2 states the government's permission for person or legal entity to make use of land temporarily. Need to utilize at least three-quarters of the land plot within three years after the document issuance. This right is non transferable. At the finish, land occupants can seek the right to demand higher privileged title deed.

Nor Sor 3 is a governmental letter certifying a utilization of certain land plot by certain people and that the plot of land has been surveyed and its official map created.

Nor Sor 3 A is similar to the Nor Sor 3 certification. The only difference is the map survey of the land plot based on an aerial-viewed photograph of the land.

Ownership Title Deed or chanote is the ultimate certification of land ownership. Holders of the title deed have full rights to transfer or sell the properties and to bar other parties from violating their rights over the land protected by the ownership title deed law.


Recently in 2007 we have been asked to help foreigners who have paid too much to have their house built. Please note the following----there are 3 types of builders in Thailand:

1/. A builder 2/. A broker 3/. a worker/builder. Those who have been caught out are using (2) which could be a friend who procures a builder for the foreigner then has a separate contract with the builder for his cut which is 1/2 of the asking price. Thus you are giving money away & in fact are being ripped off as inevitably the actual builder will never be able to meet his deadlines. Plans & fees etc should not be more than 50,000 baht yet we have seen charges of 400,000 baht. The fees for 1 sq metre is 1/2 a satang which is not even a baht. If you need a good builder in Chiangmai and architect refer to your architect for the prices. You also need to have a builder who can complete an average house in 3-4 months & check his equipment and formwork supplies, how many workers he/she has & work he/she has carried out. Talk to the referrals & your architect to see if they keep to their word. Remember also Thai holidays workers will stop work on buddhist holidays and funerals etc. Make sure the contract is overseen by a lawyer or ask us as we can give you a quote with times etc if you want us to do.  Tel (00-66)019527812.  We have seen single storey houses charged at 6.8m baht when the price should have been 1/2 this. Just remember having a Thai friend doesn't necessarily mean they are a builder---they are only getting a commission --when it comes to progress payments and they ask in advance you could find yourself in a bad situation. Itemize the materials and also how many men they will have on the job and also if building multi-stories, their deadlines and time limits. 

Prices per sq metre to build are approx: 7-8,000 baht. But, remember this will vary according to the extras and items like marble and appliances etc.

All developers in Thailand can and will offer you discounts and extras just to get your business. If youre not happy with some detail ask to change or add on to. Compare what they might offer you with what you would like. Look for Special home loan packages, Extra loan rate -- nowadays, local banks offer home buyers rates that are even below their minimum lending rates (MLR), Discount on land price, Gift voucher, extra room etc & ground maintenance. Have everything in writing. If the phone doesn't work and they say it will be installed next week or month don't believe a word same with the water, gas lines if any etc. Do not pay a booking fee as then you are locked in. Never put deposit down until your lawyer has searched the title out.

ESCROW SYSTEM When making a down payment on unfinished project, protect your money  from fraud by the Escrow account system which will ensure your money will not be paid, unless the developer completes construction of your new home and meets the agreed requirement on specification. If you decide to build use a [ lawyer

FORMING A THAI COMPANY Some people will say this is the best idea for a foreigner to hold a house in ones name. However with a Thai company yes you can hold a property within the structure of the company. However be warned that if your books show nil profit after 3 years then you may be asked especially by immigration & the Commercial Reg via the tax dept why?? This may affect your visa and the status of your company after that period so be warned if you are told its easy to do. It is, however its also easy for the Commercial Registration Dept to fine you if you are not in profit mode or even take the property from you??? Wait and see.


Usufruct Interest (Sidhi-kep-kin) - gives you temporary ownership rights to structures on or arising from the land. In practice, a usufruct is limited to a 30 year maximum period; like leases, the agreement can be successively renewed. In contrast to a lease, a usufructury interest can be sold or transferred, although it expires upon the death of the holder of the usufruct and therefore cannot be inherited. This is better than a lease which by law can only be for a period of 30 years.


A deposit of 10- 30% is usually required to secure a property and total payments should be made within 30-60 days (see your lawyer first) but normally once the transfer has gone through. If signing a purchase agreement then up to 30% down & 70% following transfer. Normally the seller will pay the changeover tax which starts at 2.5%. However if the seller has owned the house longer than this [period it is discounted. Some Land Offices will charge up to 8% depending on the area and office. An agreement can be made between buyer and seller than each pay 50%. You can obtain longer periods but you will probably be required to pay a higher deposit. Deposits are normally non refundable, except by default of the vendor, so bear in mind that once the deposit is placed you are committed.

This situation also prevails for the vendor. He must refund your deposit and pay a penalty of an equal amount if he defaults on the contract. Deposit in escrow is still rare in Thailand, but it is becoming an increasingly recognized way of proceeding. It generally trades off greater security for the buyer's deposit versus a weakened claim for damages in the event of vendor default. 

Beyond the price, payment and closing schedules, it's important that a contract includes clauses to cover who will pay the legal fees, transfer fees and taxes (there is often a business tax and always an income tax assessment made at time of sale) as well as an understanding of the value at which the sale will be declared - this is typically (for tax reasons) at or close to the government minimum assessed value.

A foreigner buying a condo must transfer funds from a bank account out of Thailand in foreign currency and verify the  transfer on paper. The transfer of funds must be in the same name as the name that will appear on the final purchase contract ie. the buyer. Funds must be transferred into a Foreign Currency Account in Thailand opened in the Buyer's name. Use Bangkok Bank, Thai Farmers Bank and Siam Commercial Bank and make sure you tell them that the purpose of his or her opening a Foreign Currency Account is to purchase a condo in Thailand. This law is somewhat a catch 22 situation as the Foreign Banks usually will not write such a letter but don't worry. You can remit as much as you like to Thailand via your bank. Transfers out of this Foreign Currency Account in Thailand into a Thai Baht Account or some form of Thai Baht draft or check to the Seller must be made in amounts US$5000 or more in order to qualify for a "Tor Tor 3" Certificate issued by the Buyer's bank to verify that the originating funding came from outside Thailand in a currency other than Thai Baht. On the "Tor Tor 3" Certificate, it should state explicitly that the Thai Baht funds are used "to purchase a condominium" in Thailand. Taxes are payable by the buyer or seller of a condo in Thailand such as the Transfer Fee/Stamp Duty Tax of 0.5% usually payable by the seller upon the date of the actual sale or a Special Business Tax of 3.3% which is usually payable by the seller if the property has been owned for less than 5 years. By the way there is no limit on how much you can remit into a Thai account from overseas and no tax. Tax levied at 15% is on interest earnings only.

REMITTING FUNDS: If sending over funds to purchase a house you must tell the National Bank what you are using this money for with sums exceeding 2,000,000 baht quantities. If remitting funds from abroad to purchase property which is the law over sums of 2m baht it may save you when it comes to a divorce situation of whose funds were used to purchase the property. If you wish to know more than ask us.


The cost of the lease is approx 1% of the purchase price separate from the house purchase price and this is a one off payment so with filing fee for a 3m baht home look at approx 33,000 baht. Lawyers transfers costs etc and to register at the land office can be anywhere from 25-50,000 baht depending on the complexity of the sale and work to be done plus where the location is if outside Chiangmai etc. BUT REMEMBER BANGKOK CHARGES ARE DEARER THAN SAY CHIANGMAI


Are normally 3% -5% but some charge 10%. Watch out also as some realties charge both the seller and the buyer & even hike the price up and have deals with the owners. We do not do this.


Some Chiangmai condo buildings are not desirable and have a bad track record of trying to get all the money from a foreigner with sub standard finishing and not abiding by the contract that the foreigner signed. If this Company does not complete the project it is a court case to try to get your money back and can take a long time. Please note some buildings we know we will not be a party of selling them. If you are not sure get a good lawyer who can check the company out or ask us. If you pay based on the glossy sales pitch or even give a deposit this is normally non refundable. We have had problems selling Twin Peaks Condos but have assisted the buyers as best we could.


A foreigner can ONLY own a condo in his / her name OUTRIGHT. You cannot own a house and land in your name unless you invest 40m baht  = 1 Rai of land. Bank's do not lend to foreigners; only Thais or Companies and you must lease, or have a Thai Company to own a house in your name. Ask us if you wish to borrow (must have overseas collateral).

Just a note about buying Condos. ---Find out what the monthly maintenance costs are from the managers. Ask for this in writing. Avoid unfinished projects as they may run out of money or be over mortgaged. If very few condos have been sold in a building with good amenities like landscaped grounds, security Guards and a receptionist and office have the title searched but most of all someone has to pay for all this, plus the electricity for lighting and lifts. The total cost (often inflated) has to be divided up among the condo owners, which can be a lot if only a few units have been sold. Ask for an exact statement of maintenance costs and how they are paid. If the project has different size condos in the same building, large units will pay more towards maintenance costs than small units. If you are a legal resident you can obtain a mortgage but you need to check with your bank and credit. The best idea though is pay cash as you can negotiate but you must remit from abroad. In Bangkok look at around 25,000 -100,000 baht per sq m. A foreigner can only buy max 40% of a condo unit so if that 40% has been taken up and you are the 42% person you may find you are buying a lemon so to speak. If the developer owns a majority of units you may not like his manager but if the owners have majority votes than they can remove him.

The Condominium Act has been amended. Now 49% of units in all condominiums and  100% of units in condominiums in a total development area under 5 rai located in Bangkok, all municipal districts and such other areas as shall hereafter be announced by the Minister of the Interior (which is expected to include rural Phuket) can be foreign owned. Funds used to buy a condominium & remitted from abroad are recorded by a Thai Bank on a Tor Tor Sam. Purchases of condominiums by foreigners come under the Condominium Act B.E. 2535 (1992). The owner of each condominium is issued with a certificate of unit ownership. The certificate also has a statement with percentage rights over the common areas of the building each owner has.

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Are normally levied on the seller rated at between 3 & up to 6% of the asking price. Some agents are known to charge a commission from both the buyer and seller while we are told 10% is being levied by some. Due to the unregulated realty industry you must use discretion when buying off any agent or person. Ask how long they have been in business & look at their company papers for proof. If they say the price of a house does not include their commission, chances are this company is getting a cut both ends. Our company levies a commission solely on the "seller" & makes sure the person buying is getting the best deal for their money. We normally only sell houses that have a chanote (clear title). 


If you want to make sure your house is safe and has what it should have & hasn't had recent false renovations, hidden maintenance, then we also conduct a professional onsite inspection house appraisal of the home you want to buy or sell. This inspection is over and above your title search but compliments the title search as we work in with our own lawyer.  This 5-8 page onsite inspection report covers everything from electricity, inside and outside structures, water supply, plumbing, and general condition of your house & land, elevation etc in a check list report. Added to this we give you the buyer, a full written maintenance report plus our suggestions and recommendations all in English. We even oversee the recommendations on your behalf.  Cost for this Inspection ranges from  5000 baht for new houses under 2 years old to 6-8000 baht for a standard 3-6 bedroom older house, condos 5000 baht as we look at the entire building ( This does not including away travelllng expenses). eg. cost to inspect in Bangkok is 12,000 baht to start and extra if we have to travel.----takes 3-4 days ----report printout. We do not conduct land area searches as survey pegs are not shown. For this you need a surveyor which we can obtain for you.  Other buildings like Commercial properties we can quote you. PLAY IT SAFE-- WHY HAVE A HOUSE THAT WILL NOT LAST!!!!!! As of August 2005 we have managed to assist foreign clients before they buy with the knowledge that the seller will initiate our recommendations & saved money for our clients. It is worth it to have these houses inspection reports.


We highly recommend you obtain a Title search and House Inspection report before you purchase ANY property in Thailand. Cost Title search = 7000 baht  Comprehensive Title search as well as House Inspection fee starting at 3000 baht. 


When buying an existing home or new house you may want to have a new western style kitchen installed or maybe air condition units. If we carry out a Housing Inspection then we also in our report have a free quotation for air condition units and kitchen joinery for you with FREE installation or arrange on your behalf. We can help you with the top Kitchen manufacturers.

 [ Go to Kitchens ]


  We work for you (Both Thai & foreign consultants )
  No hidden charges-everything is up front.
  Guaranteed conveyancy help &  Company, work permit & land  setup for foreigners
  We will sell your Commercial property, houses, businesses, bars and Guest Houses
  Because you have the benefit of foreign help with our Thai lawyers and expat consultants
  We offer: Full house onsite appraisals. Cost is 5000 baht for a house under 2 years old & 6000 baht for older houses ( plus travel if out of town ). This 5-6 page report is a must if you want to know what your house is really like which includes pics of repair work needed and we even do a air con survey (extra).
  We now conduct consultation at your Hotel if you require assistance with any Business ideas or housing advice with our foreign consultant. 


Thailand differs from every other country and when you decide to buy a service or hospitality business here the first and most foremost thing you do is ascertain who your management structure will be. If you think you can buy a business for under 1m baht and make it forget it. With any business you now need a company for safety and if you want to work with work permit and have the premises under the Company name. The days have gone where you can run a business and make a profit when you only have 500,000 baht. The location is second to management and if you do not have your management sorted out first then you will find it hard to make headway in Thailand eg. honesty. Running a company with 4 employees, paying taxes etc you need 500,000 baht for the first year in fees alone and remember whatever you go into the off or low season is from April= November so make sure you bring plenty of money.  [ SEE MORE ON BUYING A BUSINESS ]


Thailand can offer many foreigners moving household belongings to and from Thailand. If you need to ask then check out [ FREIGHT FORWARD COMPANIES ]. If you have animals and pets like a dog please ask a freight forwarder and Vet in your country.  [ Click to see more info ] on bringing your pets to Thailand.


Do what you would do back home & take our advice. USE A LAWYER but be careful there are good and bad lawyers here????? When using the services of a lawyer please be considerate and talk slowly. Although many lawyers speak English it is not there first language and be slow and patient when stating your case especially if you have just been rolled by your girlfriend???. There understanding of what you are trying to say maybe is not what they are thinking so when talking use local layman speech not heavy doctrine. Do not stand and demand like one will do in the west. Do not look down at a lawyer who is sitting down while you are standing. You are in Thailand not in the West. Do not shout and make demands or bang your fist on the table because you gave all your money to the "local bargirl" & now are crying!!!. Why? Some Thai lawyers will simply turn there back and close you out. You may even lose the money you gave. Simply speaking if you are rude and act like one does in the west then forget using a lawyer here. Thailand people are very patient and they do not like to be threatened or placed in situations where they do not understand the falang. Remember if you have a litigation case pending here in Thailand it can take many years to process & lots of money and court sittings that just drag on and on but this is Thailand and one must abide by their rules. If you lend money to a foreigner or anyone in Thailand do by way of contract and secure assets off the borrower. 9 time out 10 you will not get your money back.

If you have a property to rent, sell or lease in Thailand then WRITE TO US as we can advertise for you in our hardcopy news in Chiangmai .

New property law stuns foreigners

Bangkok (dpa) - Thailand's booming property sector has been thrown into confusion by a new regulation issued this month that requires all partly foreign-owned companies to prove the source of their funding before purchasing land, industry sources said Tuesday.
The new Interior Ministry regulation that went into effect on May 25 2006 has already started to slow sales of housing estates in Thailand's popular seaside resorts, such as Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and Samui Island, which have been specifically targeting well-to-do foreigners as vacation getaways or retirement homes.
Thailand has strict laws prohibiting foreigners from directly purchasing property themselves although loopholes in the law allow them to own land and their houses through long leases or a "nominee company," providing the company is majority Thai-owned.
It is common practice for such "shell companies" to include Thai nationals who have been paid to act as nominees to facilitate the deal and who have invested nothing in the purchase. The new regulation, signed by Suraart Thoingniramol, deputy permanent secretary of the Interior Ministry, is designed to halt the use of such companies for property purchases in the future.
"If it appears that an alien holds shares or is a director or it is reasonable to believe that a Thai holds shares as a representative of an alien, the officers shall investigate the income of Thais holding shares, delving into the number of years [they have spent] in the current profession and monthly salary," reads a translation of the law. "The provision of necessary evidence is required."
The new regulation is actually an enforcement of Thailand's existing laws, legal experts said. "It's not a radical change. It's a radical implementation," Ronachai said.
The regulation has already started to stall home sales to foreigners, sources said.
"There's a lot of confusion," said Simon Landy, managing director of the Primo Co, a property-development firm. "Some land offices don't know what to do with it, and many have simply stopped transferring land." Source Bangkok Post

[ THAI LAW HELP SERVICE ]: We are the oldest running Thai foreign Law service in Chiangmai and especially cater for foreigners. We use foreign consultants and law offices in both Bangkok and Chiangmai from local to International. If you are buying a business do not use the same lawyer as the seller and if not sure then ask us.  We have many more properties. Just ask us. Let us broker your business or property. If we don't sell we don't charge you.  Selling or wanting to Buy a Guest House, Restaurant, Business, Bar or Office then just ask us. We do not charge you to find your business. We even guide you to the best deal & help you form a company, partnership, year visa, agreements, leases, accounting services, taxation etc right to offering you FREE hardcopy promotions if you use our services. We offer what no other Thai company can do: FREE hardcopy advertising promotions. 

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