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Chiang Mai Subway Map

         Although no colors have been assigned to the Chiang Mai Subway routes, they are colored in this map to make the routes clearer. Line 1- Red Line 2 - Blue Line 3 - Green Line 4 - Grey. The old city moat is the black square.



Chiang Mai transit notes - translated and summarized by Wisarut Bholsithi from Manager Daily , May 26, 2005
Chiang Mai LRT study is not finished yet--it will wait until OTP receives a budget in 2006.
Even though the Chiang Mai Municipality is desperate for better buses as well as a Chiang Mai LRT to replace the Mafia-plagued red minibus, the loss ridden BMTA would not be a good role model for Chiang Mai buses. Even though there are 34 concession red minibuses in Chiang Mai, only 8 lines follow specified routes. The rest merely go where they need to go. The concession line system uses a map, not people, as the main criteria for the lines.
Chiang Mai Municipality may have to allocate 100 million baht from 300-400 million baht vehicle taxes to finance Chiang Mai bus and even more for a Chiang Mai LRT.

MOTC investing 170 billion baht in 15 years for northern transport development - translated and summarized by Wisarut Bholsithi from Manager Daily , May 13, 2005
MOTC has planned to invest 170 billion baht in 15 years to develop the northern transportation system to turn the northern region into a gateway - by realizing Denchai-Chiang Rai railway, new highways, and new Chiang Saen Port. MOTC also invites the local government to join with these MOTC northern transportation development schemes to cut redundancy.
After the seminar with OTP in Chiang Rai, OTP said MOTC is going to invest 170 billion
baht over 15 years to turn the northern region into the full fledged northern gateway connecting with China, Burma or even the Indian subcontinent. In 2006, the first 1-2 billion baht would start to support this massive project.

The list of projects are:
1) Denchai - Chiang Rai (250 km) with a price tag of 40-50 billion baht
2) Chiangmai International Airport Expansion with a price tag to 3 billion baht
3) Chiang Saen 2 Port - 1 billion baht - to cope with busy cargo between China and Thailand. Chiang Saen 2 port will be on 400 rai of reformed land ready for service in 2008 with space for an additional 20 cargo boats for agricultural products and PTT oil tankers. China and other countries along the Mekhong have signed an agreement to guarantee that the Mekhong would have water at least 2 meters deep which allows all season river transportation.
4) Turning the 4-lane highways into 8-lane highways for the 17 northern provinces.
MOTC would allow local people and governments to participate this plan to minimize redundancy which has wasted billions of baht.

          Chiang Mai Subway quick facts. In 2004 the cabinet approved studies for a light rail system instead of a subway (see articles on the right). 4 lines planned?  The Mae Rim route is expected to cost 10 billion baht. All four routes are estimated at 41 billion baht. Planners estimate it would carry about 169,000 passengers a day if it begins operations in the next five or six years. The whole project would take four years to complete. The project is just in the planning stages now--no timetables have been set. The Expressway Authority of Thailand has made surveys for mass transit projects in Korat and Phuket as well, but only Chiang Mai has progressed to the point where a route map has been made.

           Three lines of Chiang Mai LRT - translated and summarized by Wisarut Bholsithi from Siam Thurakij , June 15-17, 2005
OTP has come up with the following mass transit plan for Chiang Mai to start in 2006 and be complete by 2025.
1) Electrifying and double tracking of Chaing Mai-Lamphun section for local trains
2) Finishing the Denchai-Chaing Rai Railway
3) Intercity motorway from Chaing Mai to Mae Hong Son and Lampang to Nan via Phrae and Phayao to cut down traveling time from 5-6 hours to 2-3 hours
4) Reorganization of Chiang Mai Red Minibus along with the introduction of Chaing Mai aircon buses
5) Chiang Mai LRT - three routes with a total distance of 33 km and target number of passengers of 300,000 a day for the whole system
5.1) Chiang Mai Bureaucrat Center - Sankamphaeng via City Moat, Chaing Mai Bus terminal and Chiang Mai Railway Station [10 km]
5.2) Chiang Mai University - Chiang Mai Land via City Moat [11 km]
5.3) San Sai - Chiang Mai International Airport - Hang Dong [12 km]
6) The completion of the missing link in the Chiang Mai Ring Superhighway (about 4 km) which may a TBM drilling machine to complete.
7) The 2nd Chiang Mai International Airport



Chiang Mai Subway Lines
Thanks to Wisarut Bholsithi for tracking down the station lists--these are the pre 2003 station lists.

1) Chiang Mai Bureaucrat Center - Upakhut - Buak Krok
            Recommended to be the first line constructed.
This line will follow Highway 1006 to the Chotana Intersection and then will follow the Upakhut Road to Jaeng Sriphoom. It will go underground after passing Jaeng Sriphoom and continue east to Upakhut Temple, Chiang Mai Railway Station, and hit the Super Highway (Highway 11). The line will end up at the depot at Buak Krok.
There will be two park and rides: one at Chiang Mai Bureaucrat Center and the other at Buak Krok Depot.
Eventually a northern extension will go to the 7th Artillery Battalion and the Mae Rim Intersection, and an eastern extension will go to San Kamphaeng Station

Station List:
Above ground:
1.1) Chiang Mai Bureaucrat Center
1.2) Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Organization
1.3) The 33rd Army Circle Stadium
Underground :
1.4) Chotana Intersection
Above ground:
1.5) Muen Dam Phra Khot Road.
1.6) Municipal Stadium
1.7) Jaeng Sriphoom - Junction to Chiang Mai-Jaeng Sriphoom Line
1.8) Wat Upakhut - Junction to Hangdon-Sansai line
1.9) Wat San Pa Khoi

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